About Jeannette

I spend hours planted in front of the computer doing a job that I love, and then I strive to put my words—“Eat healthy! Move more! Spend time with family!”—into action. In Denver, where I live with my husband and twin tweenage sons, I take advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine and glorious Rocky Mountains by biking, hiking and snowboarding as much as possible (after lathering on the sunscreen, of course). Still . . . I’ve been known to undo the hard work of a 30-mile bike ride with a bag of M&Ms afterward. And despite the numerous parenting articles I’ve written about how to raise children who are well-mannered, good eaters and emotionally resilient, my kids still snub their noses at veggies, watch a tad too much TV and have their dramatic moments of sibling rivalry. What can I say? I’m learning as I go just like everyone else! That’s why I strive to write articles that are relatable and filled with tips that don’t just sound good in theory, but that actually work! I’m proud of the fact that several of my articles have been recognized with awards, including a 2010 Folio Editorial Excellence Award, three National Health Information Awards, and a Meredith Corporation Creative Excellence Award. Please spend some time perusing my women’s health, children’s health and parenting articles, and then let me know what I can craft for you.