Children’s Health Articles


The Skinny on Thin Kids, Parents, September 2016
Winner, 2017 National Health Information Award
Slender children have health problems, too. Read more >

5 Medication Mistakes Parents Make, Parents, February 2016
Winner, 2017 National Health Information Award
Expert tips for avoiding common drug-related don’ts. Read more >

Infected Food, Parents, May 2014
Even healthy vegetables can put you at risk for serious illness. Fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to make meals safer. Read more >

Allergy Test, Parents, May 2014
Take this quiz to learn whether your child has seasonal allergies and how to help if she’s battling symptoms. Read more >

The Truth about the Flu Vaccine, Parents, November 2013
Winner, 2014 National Health Information Award 
Despite studies showing that flu vaccinations are lifesavers, less than half of all children (and even fewer parents)
are immunized each year. We went to the experts to the get the facts. Read more >

Brace Yourself, Parents, July 2012
Your kid’s dentist will probably suggest a trip to the orthodontist. Brush up on the facts before you go.

Could Your Child Have Diabetes? Parents, February 2012
More than 15,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year. Make sure you know the telltale signs. They’re easy to dismiss. Read more >

Smoke Signals, Parents, November 2011
Start talking to your 7- or 8-year-old now about the dangers of smoking, and she’ll be less tempted to try it later.

8 Medication Mistakes Parents Make, Parents, October 2011
Many parents unintentionally goof when giving kids medicine. They mismeasure, overmedicate or disregard the label. As a result, an estimated 71,000 children
are treated in emergency rooms for accidental medication poisonings every year. Here’s how to avoid common blunders. Read more >

Ticked Off, Parents, July 2010
Lyme disease can be maddening: tough to diagnose, and sometimes even tougher to treat. Keep your child safe with this prevention tactics.

Give Us A Smile, Parents, January 2010
Few parents realize that dental decay is really a chronic disease – and it’s more common than any other condition in kids including asthma, diabetes and obesity.
Fortunately, there are many ways to help safeguard your child’s smile.

Make Your Home Healthier, Parents, August 2009
Every year, millions of kids are injured or exposed to toxins right under their own roof. Learn the top ways to keep your family safe.

Cold Season Survival Guide, Parents, January 2009
Over-the-counter cold and cough medicine can be dangerous for kids under 4. Experts tell how to help fend off germs and how to help your child
feel better fast with 15 all-natural remedies. Read more >

The Truth About ADHD, Parents, November 2008
It’s tougher than you think to tell which kids have this disorder. This article sets the record straight about diagnosis, drug dangers, and more. Read more >

Creature Comforts, Parents, September 2008
For children with physical and mental challenges, a therapy animal can work as well as—or better than—traditional medicine. Meet 3 amazing kids who know this firsthand.

Flu Fighter, Parents, December 2007
A flu vaccine is the best way to prevent your child from getting seriously sick this winter. So why do so many parents blow it off? Read more >

Lead Astray, Parents (Special Report), September 2007
It’s not just old paint that’s poisonous—this toxic metal can be in water and soil, as well as in a scary number of children’s products. Read more >

A Big Problem, Parents, June 2007
How to talk to your child about losing weight and being more active without hurting his feelings. Read more >

Your 365-Day Guide to Allergies and Asthma, Parents, May 2007
Kids can be bothered by allergies and asthma all year long. You can help prevent symptoms before they start.

The Doctor Drought, Parents, January 2007
Skyrocketing insurance premiums are forcing thousands of ob-gyns out of the baby business. Could your doctor be the next to go? Read more >

Do Those School Shoes Really Fit? Parents (Kids’ Health), September 2006
Four out of five grade-schoolers wear the wrong size shoes, which can lead to problems like blisters, ingrown toenails, and even bone malformations. Follow these tips to make sure your child starts the school year on the right foot.

Noisy Toys, Parents, May 2006
Your child’s loud toys aren’t just annoying; they could seriously harm her hearing. Here’s why (and how) you should turn down the volume. Read more >

Blood Pressures: The Controversy Over Cord Blood, Parents (Special Report), April 2006
Given the chance to freeze their newborn’s own stem cells, more and more expectant parents are signing up with pricey cord-blood banks. But could these cells really save your child’s life someday? Read more >

Hot Stuff! Parents (Kids’ Health & Safety), December 2005
So your child found out the hard way that his hot chocolate needed to cool a little longer. Soothe that painful mouth burn with these strategies.

“My Baby’s Sick!” Parents (As They Grow, Newborn to 12 Months), November 2005
Worried about what to do when your child gets her first fever, infection, or cold? Read on to learn how to get through the most common infant illnesses (diarrhea, urinary-tract infection, common cold, and ear infections).

The Preteen Physical, Parents (As They Grow, 9- to 12-Year-Olds), July 2005
As your preteen approaches puberty, her health-care needs – and the way those needs are met – begin to change.

Weighing In, Parents (As They Grow, 9- to 12-Year-Olds), April 2005
Smart ways to help your preteen feel good about his body in a thin-obsessed world.

Accidents Happen, Parents (As They Grow, 6- to 8-Year-Olds), January 2005
A surprising number of 6- to 8-year-olds still wet the bed at night. The good news: there are effective treatments that can keep kids dry.

Family Circle

The September Epidemic, Family Circle, September 2014
More schoolkids are admitted to the hospital for asthma attacks in September than any other month. Get advice on how to keep your child out of the ER. Read more >

On the Edge, Family Circle, July 2011
Every year millions of kids deliberately cut themselves, desperately looking for relief from overwhelming stress, anxiety and insecurity. Learn what’s behind the self-injury problem and how to stop the pain. Read more >

Family Medicine, Family Circle, February 2009
In this Special Report: Heart Health Guide, six leading cardiologists (who are also moms) share how they help their own kids be heart-healthy. Read more >

Could Your Child Have Tourette Syndrome?, January 2012
There’s no diagnostic test for Tourette Syndrome, but parents can help identify the problem by asking certain questions. Read more >


How to Raise a Healthy Eater, Redbook, February 2009
Reality-tested tips from nutritionists and moms to turn your child into a healthy eater without turning you into the nutrition police. Read more >

Could Your Child Be Depressed? Redbook, October 2008
Clinical depression among kids is on the rise. Here’s how to tell if your child is suffering, and how to get help. Read more >

The Real Deal on Germs, Redbook, January 2008
The vast majority of germs are harmless. Here, sane ways to protect your kids from bad bugs. Read more >


Managing Migraines, Parenting, November 2007
One in 10 kids over age 5 suffers from migraines. These health tips will reduce their frequency.

Bonding With Your Preemie, Parenting, November 2007
It can be scary to see your newborn connected to machines, but that doesn’t have to keep you from bonding.


Now Hear This, Prevention, March 2007
The world’s getting noisier and our ears are paying the price. Muffle these top noise hazards (MP3 players, toys, workplace, concerts and gyms) today.