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Family Circle

Respect the Sun, Family Circle, June 2019
Discover the best new sunscreens, UPF clothing and makeup with protection. Read more >

Your Breasts: An Owner’s Manual, Family Circle, October 2018
Breast health for all ages. Read more >

Watch Your Back, Family Circle, February 2016
Winner, 2017 National Health Information Award
Keep yourself from being out of commission with this comprehensive guide to defeating back pain. Read more >

Is It Safe to Eat? Family Circle, August 2014
Winner, 2015 National Health Information Award
Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and your family from foodborne illness. Read more >

Are You at Risk for Shingles? Family Circle, January 2014
Essential things you need to know about the herpes zoster (shingles) virus. Read more >

7 Solutions for a Better Night’s Sleep, Family Circle, May 2013
Try these reader-tested tips from sleep experts for sweeter slumber tonight. Read more >

5 Women Who Beat Skin Cancer, Family Circle, June 2012
Even if you’ve never spent time on a tanning bed or skipped a day of sunscreen, you could be at risk. Learn how five women saved their own lives. Read more >

Winterize Your Skin, Family Circle, January 2011
The weather outside may be cold and dreary, but you can keep your skin looking great with just a few seasonal adjustments. Read more >

Tummy Trouble, Family Circle, May 2010
Medical experts are constantly learning new things about the many complex diseases that affect our stomachs. Separating myth from fact about these nagging pains will shorten the time it takes to find relief. Read more >

Joint Alert, Family Circle, April 17, 2010
Millions of Americans are being diagnosed with arthritis in their 40s, sometimes even younger. There’s plenty you can do to keep arthritis at bay or minimize aches and pain you may already be feeling. Read more >

All in Your Head, Family Circle, April 1, 2010
Every year, 45 million Americans seek medical treatment for severe head pain. Whether your head hurts once in a while or all too frequently, these expert tips can help.
Read more >

Cardio Quiz, Family Circle, February 2010
Take this quiz to see if you’re doing all you can to protect your heart.

Moving Beyond the Fear, Family Circle, October 2009
Winner, 2010 Folio Editorial Excellence Award  Download article
In this Breast Cancer Prevention Guide, women with family histories of the disease share what it’s like to live in cancer’s shadow.

Outsmart Your Family History, Family Circle, November 2008
If breast cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or other genetically linked ailments run in your family, the steps you take today can help ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.      Read more >


Longtime Lung Cancer Thrivers, Cure, November 2019
Three survivors describe what life looks like seven and 15 years out from diagnosis. Read more >

Putting the Ball in Your Court with Cancer Coaches, Cure, October 2019
Cancer coaches make the disease and survivorship more manageable with goal-oriented plans. Read more >

Digging Out of Debt for Cancer Survivors, Cure, August 2019
Cancer survivors who feel buried by costs during and after treatment can reach out to resources for help. Read more >

Paying It Forward: Donating Time in the Cancer Community, Cure, February 2019
Donating time in the cancer community after treatment brings benefits for both volunteers and those they help. Read more >

The Art of Transformation After a Cancer Diagnosis, Cure, October 2018
After surgery for breast cancer or its prevention, tattoos can bring beauty, confidence, and renewal. Read more >

No Time Like the Present to Overcome Stress, Cure, February 2018
Practicing mindfulness can help patients and their loved ones overcome stress and worry. Read more >

More Than Skin Deep: Improving Physical Appearance After Cancer, Cure, October 2017
Programs that help improve physical appearance during cancer treatments may do even more to lift patients’ spirits. Read more >

Can Fitness Trackers Improve Health in Cancer Patients? Cure, August 2017
Experts are exploring whether wearable fitness trackers can improve health during and after treatment. Read more >

Speaking the Language of Lung Cancer, Cure, May 2017
What to say and what not to say to a loved one impacted by cancer. Read more >

Crowdfunding for Cancer Care, Cure, March 2017
As the costs of cancer care rise, crowdfunding is helping some patients avoid a financial crash. Read more >

When Quitters Win, Cure, December 2016
Regardless of how many years you’ve smoked, quitting is possible and the anti-cancer benefits are huge. Read more >

Put on a Happy Face, Cure, February 2015
Hospital laughter programs have physical and emotional benefits for cancer patients. Read more >

Sometimes You Have to Laugh, Cure, February 2015
Comedic actress and cancer survivor Julia Sweeney discovers humor can be healing. Read more >

Bad Behavior, Cure, November 2014
How to care for a difficult patient. Read more >

Reishi Mushrooms as Remedy, Cure, September 2013
Certain properties in mushrooms may prevent and fight cancer. Read more >

Colorado Health & Wellness

Innovative Surgery Reduces Need for Hip Replacement, Colorado Health & Wellness, May 2019
High school athlete undergoes treatment to preserve hip function. Read more >

Advanced Treatment Saves Rancher’s Life, Colorado Health & Wellness, May 2019
Innoviative radiosurgery treatment treats brain tumors. Read more >

Surviving Sepsis, Colorado Health & Wellness, October 2018
One man’s fight to reclaim his life after a deadly infection. Read more >

On Goal with Mallory Pugh, Colorado Health & Wellness, September 2017
Colorado soccer phenom making her mark on women’s soccer. Read more >

Peak Dreams, Colorado Health & Wellness, January 2017
Colorado resident doesn’t let prosthetic leg keep him from summitting Mount Everest. Read more >


Cervical Mucus Stages,, March 2018
What it looks like when you’re fertile. Read more >

Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep from Your Doctor, Parents, May 2016
Winner, 2017 National Health Information Award
Withholding these six health details could be riskier than you think. Read more >

Snooze News, Parents, October 2015
Tips for getting a good night’s sleep when you’re expecting. Read more >

Time for a Massage, Parents, June 2015
Moms-to-be reap mental and physical benefits from prenatal massage. Read more >

Gut Reactions, Parents, April 2015
Causes and cures for common stomach woes like bloating and gallstones. Read more >

Brush Up: Prenatal Dental Care, Parents, September 2014
Moms-to-be with gum disease have a higher risk of premature delivery. Here’s why you need a dental checkup now. Read more >

Time for a Vasectomy? Parents, July 2013
Winner, 2014 National Health Information Award 
A vasectomy is simpler, cheaper and safer than permanent contraceptive methods for women. Yet only one out of 8 married men gets one. Read more >

Outsmart Your Cycle, Parents, April 2010
Fluctuating hormones influence your mind and body every day. Stay in control with our week-by-week plan.

Body After Baby, Parents (As They Grow, Pregnancy & Birth), April 2008
The lowdown on all the physical changes your body will experience post-birth. Read more >

Drugstore Do’s & Don’ts, Parents (As They Grow, Pregnancy & Birth), September 2007
Check our cheat sheet for expectant moms before you treat your headache, cold, or heartburn.

The Cutting Edge, Parents, May 2007
Today a record number of babies—nearly one in three—are born via cesarean, and some experts are alarmed by the trend. Read more >

Strange Side Effects, Parents (As They Grow, Pregnancy & Birth), December 2006
Straight talk about weird things that can happen to your body when you’re pregnant.

Plus-Size and Pregnant, Parents (As They Grow, Pregnancy & Birth), October 2006
Extra pounds don’t have to mean trouble. Knowing what to watch out for if you’re plus-size and pregnant is the first step to having a healthy nine months.
Read more >

How Rude! Parents (As They Grow, Pregnancy & Birth), July 2008
Tired of dealing with unwanted comments about your pregnancy? Here’s how to say “MYOB” nicely. Read more >


What Physical Therapists Tell Their Friends, Redbook, July 2015
Physical therapists are concerned with more than achy muscles and creaky bones. Here, they share the secrets they tell their friends. Read more >

Fire Up Your Metabolism, Redbook, July 2009
Mystified by the M word? Here’s the skinny on how to rev up your own personal calorie-burner to get to the weight that’s healthiest for your body. Read more >

Bye-bye, B.O., Redbook, July 2008
Your body gives off a myriad of scents that, while totally normal, can sometimes stink. Not to worry—these expert tips will help you battle B.O. for good. Read more >

How to Live Longer, Redbook, March 2008
While you can’t prune your family tree, you can add years to your life and life to your years with these simple steps. Read more >

How to Get Good Health Info Online, Redbook, November 2007
The Internet is one of the most widely used sources of health information—and misinformation. Here are smart ways to find reliable medical advice online. Read more >

Why You Must Protect Your Knees, Redbook, October 2007
Got an achy, creaky, or weak knee? We’ll help you find the cause — plus, we’ve got ways to fix your bad knees for good. Read more >

Five Ways to Outsmart Diabetes, Redbook, July 2006
Scientists have discovered a gene that can nearly double your odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Your genes may boost your risk, but DNA doesn’t have to be destiny. Protect yourself now with these steps. Read more>

What You Must Know About Heart Disease, Redbook, February 2006
Each year some 88,000 women ages 45 to 64 have a heart attack – which is why knowing how to protect yourself is crucial. Here are some lifesaving facts about the number one killer of women. Read more >


Healthy Returns, Fitness, November/December 2012
We know you do a zillion things at once, so we ID’d eight moves that provide a good-for-you one-two punch. Read more >

Watch Your Back, Fitness, July/August 2012
Four in five people suffer from an achy back. Here are the surprising culprits and how to feel better fast. Read more >

Prescription for Danger, Fitness, June 2012
Cutting corners in an effort to do more in less time may do more harm than good. Here, seven common shortcuts that shortchange your health. Read more >

Little White (Coat) Lies, Fitness, October 2011
Cigarettes? Never! Condoms? Always! Those fibs you tell your doctor are riskier than you think. See why coming clean is crucial for good health. Read more >

Diet Rules that Are Meant to be Broken, Fitness, January 2011
Sticking to certain diet must-dos may be sabotaging your skinny-jeans goal. Drop these hard-and-fast diet rules and drop a size. Read more >


Caution: Bullies at Work, Shape, September 2012
That playground tyrant has moved into the corner office where she can wreak havoc on not only your career but your health too. Here’s what you should know about the growing trend of workplace bullying.


What’s in Your Antiperspirant? WebMD
Antiperspirants are the number one defense against excessive sweating, but how well a product works for you depends on many factors. Here’s information on key antiperspirant ingredients you need to combat excessive sweating and feel fresh all day. Read more >

Choosing an Antiperspirant for Sensitive Skin, WebMD
Finding a nonirritating antiperspirant for sensitive skin, or a combination antiperspirant-deodorant product, that stops sweat and body odor can be a challenge. Check for these key ingredients.
Read more >


4 Secrets to Never Getting Sick, Health, November 2011
We canvassed the research and talked to top experts to uncover these key, study-backed secrets for staying well, even when
you’re surrounded by germs. Read more >

Does Smart Equal Healthy? Health, Jan/Feb 2005
As if being first in your class isn’t enough of an advantage, a new study based on old data finds that smart kids are more likely to be healthier adults than kids with lower IQs.

The Symptoms of a Vitamin Deficiency and How to Treat It,, August 2013
A vitamin deficiency can lead to anemia, muscle weakness, sore bones and even cracked lips. The most common deficiencies are
vitamins D, B6 and iron. Read more >

Boost Your Vitamin B12 with These Foods,, August 2013
Low levels can lead to constipation, depression, memory loss and severe anemia, but it’s easy to get enough of it in your diet. Read more >

What to Say When a Friend Gets Divorced,, August 2013
When a friend’s marriage is ending she needs support from her friends — here’s how you can help her. Read more >

How to Train for a 5K Run in just 6 weeks,, April 2013
There are lots of reasons to sign up for a 5K race — maybe it’s to support your favorite charity, maybe it’s to achieve a fitness goal
you’ve set for yourself. Whatever the reason, we called in the experts to help you do it. Read more >

Christopher Dorner: Why a Killer Inspired So Much Support,, February 2013
He led California police on a weeklong manhunt after murdering four people before he himself was killed, yet America’s
most wanted man found supporters and defenders along the way. Read more >

Do You Really Need an Annual Physical?, July 2012
If you’re healthy, you may be able to skip that annual exam. Read more >


Test Your Breast Cancer Smarts, Parenting, October 2008
Lower your risk of breast cancer and ease your fears by increasing your knowledge. Read more >

Good-for-You Iced Tea, Parenting, July 2005
Trying to cut back on your afternoon coffee fix? Tea has about half the caffeine, cancer-protective antioxidants (green tea’s especially rich), and bone-building, cavity-fighting fluoride.

Ditching Self-Doubt, Parenting, March 2005
Every mom feels guilty sometimes, but there’s good reason to cut yourself some slack. Read more >

How Your Mood Affects Your Child, Parenting, January 2005
Had a blue Monday? Don’t be surprised if your child misbehaves on Tuesday. A new study finds that the day after a mom acts angry or sad in front of her kids, they’re more likely to be defiant and inattentive.


Pregnancy and Deep Vein Thrombosis, Prevention, November 2006
Research indicates deep vein thrombosis is 2.5 times as common in moms-to-be as once thought, occurring in about 1 in 500 pregnancies. If you’re expecting, you should know the symptoms.

Generation Wired, Prevention, October 2006
Once considered a rite of passage for teens, braces are becoming more common among smiling adults. Read this grown-up’s guide to straighter teeth.  Read more >

Women’s Health

Objects of Obsession, Women’s Health, March 2006
Research shows that women worry twice as much as men and that we’re two times more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder. We went straight to the experts to identify seven common obsessions. Here’s how to tell which are worth worrying about, and which ones you should let slide. Read more >


Breathing for Two, Pregnancy, August 2004
Asthma is the most common, potentially serious medical problem that complicates pregnancy. If not handled properly, it can be fatal to both mother and child. Here’s what you need to know about asthma and pregnancy.